Ciggie Cases for the Trendy Smoker

If you must light up at all, the reason why certainly not do so in type? Ciggie lighters, cigarette holders, in addition to cigarette cases guide you light up with panache.

Dual Purpose

Ciggie cases are often metal, hinged cases designed to shop smoking in small quantities and keep them new, especially when traveling. Smoking are kept from to fall out of their cases by means of a spring-loaded retaining hand.

Cigarette cases these times, however, have given that developed into more than storage cases. They have transformed in to accessories that boost the personality of the particular smoker holding these individuals. Around fact, smoke cases have become as much a condition symbol because watches, mobile phones, and overcoats.

Range in Cigarette Circumstances

A good range of cigarette situations are now available in the market. There are versions built to fit any sex, age group, and character. Ciggie situations normally hold way up to 18 cigs, nevertheless that number differs along with each case. Most conditions can be shallow enough to help store merely one row or even half a pack of cigarettes. Smoke situations can fit the two television plus unfiltered smoking.

Currently, cig cases are created through any material, with metallic being the most famous. There are now e cigarette cases made of supplies for instance gold, silver, man?uvres, stainless-, leather, aluminum, canvas, and also plastic.

Cigarette circumstances game designs ranging through famous art work to popular people, cartoon characters for you to landscapes. For a more particular touch, many people commission embossed designs troubles cigarette situations. Engravings may also be very popular with material cigarette cases. Customized models and patterns are often obtainable on request.

Cigarette Circumstances within Fashion

Though both sexes use cigarette cases, they can be more popular with women of all ages. Ciggie cases can be a fashion statement. Quite a few have been designed since purses to match apparel, generally made from purple velvet, PVC, and even leather. Adult males, on the some other palm, often stick to often the basic metal cigarette situation.

Smoke Cases and Business

E cigarette cases are widely used by companies whose main clientèle are smokers. E cigarette lighter suppliers like Zippo together with Bic have their particular own line of cigarette situations, typically coordinating their cigarette lighters. Alcohol companies want Jack Daniels together with Ashton Walker have rather long considering generated their own brand of cigarette cases, too. Actually Playboy magazine has likewise tapped into the revenue caused by cig cases.

Cigarette Instances and the Non-Smoker

From some sort of non-smoker’s position of view, cigarette situations can also be very beneficial. As an alternative of using the idea to maintain cigarettes, it could provide to keep a new multitude of different things. Techie people have found cig cases to be very useful in enclosure tiny, sensitive devices want PCMCIA and Compact Adobe flash cards because they retain dust and dirt apart from the connectors.

Ciggie cases are likewise amazing alternatives to billfolds or even purses. You can carry cash and coins, cards, and identification cards in them. They can help anyone reduce this unwanted bending of items whenever you take them around in your pocket.

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